Playroom ・

The latest attraction and athletic, toy will be idle in playroom where is free to play!
Besides, we have a lot of play including merry-go-round!


When we enter shop
Merry-go-round is met
In Hamleys of wakuwaku
As for a lot of attractions!

As for a lot of attractions to be able to be idle in pleasant space where there are a lot of toys!
There is attraction in various place in shop including merry-go-round turning around round and round and racing car driver attraction to turn steering wheel like giant piano, racer, and to steer car of toy, and wakuwaku does not stop.
Which do you play from?

Water play RC racer Giant piano

※If attraction is charged, there is free thing. Please confirm the charge and use restrictions in shop.
※You can enjoy attraction in Yokohama store, Hakata store. But, as for the racing car driver, only Hakata store becomes setting.
※Only child who is younger than 3 years or older - primary schoolchild can use merry-go-round.

cloud bard bard airship
Hamley Aplle Hamley Falls Yokohama in pre-eye-level


We are free to play!

From Hamleys-limited attraction using state-of-the-art athletic,
To toy of the orthodox school, zembu is free to play! Protector draw breath
There is ru rest space, too.

Playroom enforcement store

Hamleys Yokohama world porters shop

Yokohama store

Hamleys Canal City Hakata store

Hakata store

Business hours

Yokohama store
[... Friday, July 31]
10:30-19:00 (last entrance 18:30)
[Monday, August 17 ...]
Weekdays 10:30-19:00 (last entrance 18:30) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:30-21:00 (last entrance 20:30)
※As for the long vacation, we will do business in "business hours of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays" in period that our store sets separately.

Hakata store
Weekdays 10:00-19:30 (last entrance 19:00) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00-21:00 (last entrance 20:30)
※As for the long vacation, we will do business in "business hours of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays" in period that our store sets separately.

Charge/one ※Price is tax-excluded.

Child (six months - 12 years old)

Normal rate

600 yen

30 minutes of/beginning

Together with following ten minutes

150 yen

Advantageous free pass

(advantageous more than weekdays use 90 minutes)

1,500 yen/weekdays daily free

Adult (20 years or older)

Normal rate

600 yen

30 minutes of/beginning

It does not cost extension rate

Waiting time of current playroom is this

※We cannot enter without attendant of adult (protector). For security, entrance of one worst adult (protector) is necessary for three children.
※Entrance of child within six months is free. (only in adults we cannot enter.)
※We will not sell free pass during period of New Year holidays, spring, summer holidays, Golden Week on weekdays. In addition, the number of sale includes limit. Ask the staff on the purchase.

bard balloon balloon bard

Request on using

●The staff is member of guidance in how to play and facilities and asks for safety management of child toward the protector. We hope that we do not leave being side of child.
●Please note that accident, trouble in facilities cannot take responsibility at all.
●When it is lost, we charge entrance receipt 3,000 yen about one child as fee regardless of the use.
●Please manage management of baggage and valuables in you.