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The Hamleys 260th anniversary
Date: 2020/07/31-12/31

Hamleys created in London, the U.K. reached the 260th anniversary of the foundation in this year.

To celebrate this, we will perform various development with ... starting "SUMMER FUNFAIR" as a start until December 31, 2020 on July 31, 2020.

I would appreciate your kind support for Hamleys continuously.


History of Hamleys

Toy store "Noah' s Ark" (HolyAura) which William Hamley who is the founder began in London for 1,760 years is beginning of Hamleys.

Afterwards, we changed "Hamleys" and the name and moved place in Regent street in 1881. This shop is still known as toy store which is the most famous in the world.

We received wave of the world financial crisis in 1931 and were forced into crisis of the bankruptcy, but it was bought by toymaker "Tri–Ang" (toraiangu) of London company and rebuilt management and, in 1938, was authorized for the Royal Family purveyance for the government than Queen Mary at the time and regained glory both in name and in reality.

And, at the time of World War II, we continued doing business while receiving 5 degrees air raid and continued sending dream to children in the greatest war in the 20th century.

Shop of Regent street becomes sightseeing spot which is famous in the U.K., and Hamleys opens a store in all the countries of the world and is sending dream and smile to children now.