Let's go to Hamleys!

Hamleys "toy shop which can be idle of world most "good luck""

Toy store from the U.K. where Hamleys has history of 260 years.
Hamleys in 16 countries of the world is filled with various devices unlike common toy store.

The world of Hamleys is circle, "toy box which can be idle together"
Toy which can be idle for hand and entertainer playing together are actually full.


Merry-go-round is met when we enter shop.
On wooden horse and carriage to dreamland. Do not forget souvenir picture either.

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We entertain all of you who visited Hamleys by "magic of happiness".
Fun ... that we see magic
Surely pleasant memory should be possible.


We do demonstration (demonstration) of toy.
With bright ability admiring, we rediscover charm of toy!

Carnival corner

It is carnival section where amusement machines such as arcade game or crane game gathered.
Both child and adult will play together.

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We can enjoy play using digital technology and attempt play of toy.
We are careful to play without purchase too much!

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Hamleys cafe

Cafe reflecting the image of picnic.
We can enjoy pretty, delicious food & drink.
Possibly, at table which can experience the world in picture book by projection mapping, do you toss in animal of picture book?
Shopping & play is here if tired, and break is recommended.
※Only in Hakata store

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Party room

Let's spend wonderful time with favorite people including birthday.

We make a reservation and are accepting

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As for the toys to be able to buy only in Hamleys,
A lot of new encounters are waiting.
Surely favorite toy should be found.

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History of Hamleys

It is toy store from the U.K. with history of British 260 years becoming oldest.
We will peep at the history a little.

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Hamleys Member' s