Let's do trip of history of Hamleys!


That began like one big dream.

Founder William Hamley brought up in Cornwall in England might have become miner or fisherman.

O Hamleys
Cornwall in the U.K.

However, William has dreamed of opening the world's best toy store since childhood.

O Hamleys
O Hamleys
William Hamley of London opened first toy store "Hamleys" in 1760.

Hamleys in landmark of London.

Love for toy of William was widely known to children immediately, and the shops which overflowed with modern toy overflowed with smile of children.

When Queen Victoria sat down to British throne, Hamleys was well known to Britons.

O Hamleys
O Hamleys
Queen Victoria

The most famous toy shop

Hamleys which was the most famous in the world and new shop where it was opened in Regent street of London to meet big expectation of the world in 1881.

Regent street of 1881

Regent Street - Hamleys
O Hamleys

Black Friday

The world economy crisis of the late 1920s. The times when Hamleys had a hard time as well as other companies. Smile of children disappeared from shop.

Hamleys was closed for several years, and delivery of toy by carriage has stopped, too.

O Hamleys
O Hamleys
The times when Hamleys was severe
Idea of William Hamley was succeeded by the chairperson of Walter lines at Tri-Ang company of London and has begun to regain bright glory of the most beautiful toy store in the world in Regent street.

Reproduction of the most beautiful toy store

In 1938, Hamleys was officially appointed by supplier of toy for household.
Hamleys revived!

Historie o Hamleys
Historie o Hamleys
Walter Lines
Walter lines

Triangle toy of Tri-Ang company was the world's largest toymaker in 1947.



In World War II of 1940, air battle was carried out right above roof of Hamleys of London.

O Hamleys
Power of grand dream of William Hamley might not stop in the biggest war in the 20th century either.

Even during bombing of London, worker with helmet entered shop and purchased toy.

Historie o Hamleys

Infinite entertainment of the world!

Popularity of Hamleys grew up steadily through the 20th century, and toy shop of Regent street of London became global phenomenon.

Hamleys is running store all over the world now.
Historie o Hamleys
O Hamleys
Regent street of London

Hamleys came over to Japan!

The U.K. was oldest, and time to be able to experience toy shop which could be idle with history of 258 years at last in Japan has come.
Well, next is turn that you experience!

The Japanese first shop opens Yokohama, the second shop in Hakata!

Totally "toy box which can be idle together"
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