A lot of toys!

A lot of new encounters including toy to be able to buy only in Hamleys are waiting.
Surely favorite toy should be found.
Hračky v Hamleys

Not only we buy toy, but also
Please come to play!

Hamleys is paradise for all toys enthusiast.
We can come across various toys of creative, interesting cute ... world.
Toy is not simple article. Toy for Hamleys is fun and feels joy and is the world where secret wish is satisfied.
Place where friends are ready to share joy.
That is Hamleys.

"Hamleys toy catalogue" is this!

All you
We are waiting

Welcome to the world of Hamleys bear! Much bear meets you. In addition, we can come across animal and fierce animal rare, Toy Slime of dinosaur. Hug tightly if you find favorite.
PLUSH/ Toy Slime

We prepare picture book of various characters. It is pleasant to read picture book with Toy Slime of character. As you display in cafe space, you pick up freely, and please read.
<BOOKS/ picture book>

In Hamleys of you
Let's find toy!

In addition, we stimulate curiosity of boy <BOYS/ boy>, and one of admiration of girl was jam-packed a lot <child of GIRLS/ woman>, and there is toy of category such as <MAGIC/ magic> <CANDY&COOKING/ cake, cooking> <BLOCK/ block> <PUZZLES/ puzzle>. We do experience-based event and attempt play, test ride, and let's find favorite toy together although being a pleasure!